Working Day One

The day began with exciting news: Our Moon has won funding for 3 more scholarships from Lexis Nexis, the company where Walker, one of our trustees, works. This fantastic news means Our Moon can continue to support budding academics in their scholarly pursuits.After receiving such wonderful news, we paid a visit to Hope and Faith […]

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En Route Africa: Helen’s Trip to Africa

I am delighted to announce that this week Our Moon CEO Helen Leale-Green will be paying a visit to Zambia, promoting Our Moon’s aims and ambitions, whilst bringing together Zambian communities in the quest for knowledge. So, what will be happening? Highlights include: Tomorrow’s Leaders ForumsThree Tomorrow’s Leaders Forums (TLFs) in three centres across Zambia, […]

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Collaboration among peer charities

One of the things that I have come to love, since setting up Our Moon, is the camaraderie between fellow small international development charities. From pooling our knowledge on the Small International Development Charities Network Facebook page set up by Victoria Hancock Fell and Operation Sunshine helping me in shipping text books to Zambia, to Baraka Community Partnership’s match funding of a student scholarship, Deana […]

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