“Our Moon believes even the smallest ideas you have can achieve the greatest contribution to the world. You don’t always get an organisation that sets your ground ablaze to keep you gliding through the air.”

Chris is one of Our Moon’s current scholars. He will join Quincy at University of Edinburgh in September
A difficult childhood

Life hasn’t always been easy for Chris. Brought up by a controlling father, Chris used to find himself alone very often. When other children were outside having fun, he had to stay inside. He became insular and felt isolated from society. This became worse when his father decided to take another wife and his mother had to leave the family home. Chris defied his father’s orders and went to live in extremely modest circumstances with his mother.

Awarded a place at the top government boarding school in Zambia

Chris was always devoted to his studies and, despite the lack of support from his father, he managed to get into the top government boarding school in the country. Although it is a state-funded school, secondary schooling isn’t free in Zambia. His mother has a market stall where she sells second hand clothes shipped over from America. She barely makes enough money to feed them and pay their rent, so paying for school fees was out of the question. Chris confronted his father and he found the means to pay. After a while, his father’s money dried up and one of the school’s administrators was so taken by Chris’s commitment, that he supported Chris. Chris achieved outstandingly well, coming third in his year in the mock final exams.

Starting at Our Moon

Chris came to Our Moon’s attention after he had participated in a workshop that we held in his school. He kept in touch, asking for advice and guidance. When we decided to trial our Ambassadors of Social Change programme in Chibombo, we invited him to attend. He thrived despite our humble accommodation. He appreciated the opportunity to explore some of his own ideas and to give himself a voice through writing blogs.

We needed a tutor to help us with some visiting Grade 12 students, so we asked him to come back to Chibombo as he was an obvious candidate. In return, we agreed that we would help him with SATs and advise him with his university applications. He was awarded a scholarship to attend UWC Swaziland’s two week winter programme. He has just started at University of Edinburgh on a full scholarship.


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