Hello! I have recently joined Our Moon’s board of Trustees, I was born in Zambia where I lived and received my GCSE education. After passing my grade 9 exams, I was selected to attend Hillcrest National Technical School in Livingstone, the Zambian school which Our Moon partners with, where I spent grades 10 – 12. I sat my final GCSE exams in 2004 and in 2005 moved to the UK to settle in Maidstone, Kent with my family. It was here that I undertook my A-level education before attending the University of Kent where I obtained a law degree in 2010.

After completing my university education I joined a London based company that provides online legal and business research solutions. My role there is to assist legal professionals such as lawyers and judges with their online research requirements and provide specialist assistance and advice on legal research techniques.  

How did you first hear about Our Moon?
I first heard about Our Moon in July 2015 after a chance meeting with Helen Leale-Green during a visit to Zambia. We discussed the challenges of education in Zambia and she shared about her desire to contribute to the education of high achieving Zambian youth from low income backgrounds. I was encouraged by her efforts and kept in touch after returning home to the UK.

What do you do as an Our Moon volunteer?
I’m just starting off in my role as a Trustee having only been recently appointed and registered with the Charity Commission. My next engagement will be to attend a workshop on good governance and how to be an effective Trustee, organised by the Foundation for Social Improvement. My hope is that this will equip me to be an effective and conscientious Trustee. In addition to this, in 2017 I hope to take part in some fundraising activities, notably cycling from London to the base of Snowdon then running/climbing up Mount Snowdon.

Why do you believe Our Moon’s work is important?
As someone who received their primary and secondary school education in Zambia, I am fully aware of the challenges and barriers to getting a good education that exist for those students who show great academic potential but come from low income backgrounds. In addition to this, I obtained my A level education in the UK and therefore am fully aware of the many opportunities that this type of education provided me with and the access it gave me to many university and post-graduate opportunities. I believe I can use these previous experiences in my role as Trustee to make informed contributions and help increase educational opportunities for Zambian youth.

What do you hope to contribute to Our Moon?
I hope to draw upon my experiences as a former student at Hillcrest to help inform the work of Our Moon. Furthermore, as someone who’s legally qualified I intend to use my skills to assist Our Moon where needed and to apply a conscientious and thorough approach in the way I discharge my duties.

What change do you hope Our Moon can make?
I hope Our Moon will be able to assist as many Zambian youth as possible in accessing university education.

What advice would you give to a student thinking of applying to higher education?
Go for it and enjoy the experience! You’ll be surprised at the number of opportunities out there for those who stick at it!

Who inspires you?
A lot of people ranging from my mother to some famous historical figures. Most recently, I read a biography of David Livingstone, the famous Scottish explorer and missionary. He grew up in a deprived area near Glasgow and as a young man worked at a cotton mill during the day and attended classes in the evening. He eventually qualified as a doctor and later on went on to become a famous missionary and explorer. He wasn’t a perfect man but I found his tenacity in the face of adversity inspiring and resolve to get an education particularly motivational.

What hobbies do you enjoy?
I enjoy running and cycling especially when done in scenic places away from traffic and built up areas. Having said that I also enjoy cycling or running to work, it’s a good way to start the day and better than standing on a packed train.Ideal way to spend your weekend?

How do you like spending your weekends?
With my wife, family and friends or in a nice pub with a pint of Guinness

Favourite holiday?
Discovering new cities in Europe, or back in Zambia catching up with family & friends

Most adventurous/daring thing you’ve ever done?
The bungee jump at Victoria Falls

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