In a year like no other, Our Moon Education has proven its resilience as a UK-based international charity making a profound difference to the lives of exceptional young Zambians and their communities.

While fundraising has been understandably tough in the wake of the pandemic, we have been touched by the generosity of our supporters, and made the decision to keep the doors open during 2020 to students at our residential learning centre in Chibombo District of Zambia’s Central Province.

We have taken steps to reduce the numbers of people entering and leaving Our Moon’s site to avoid the spread of the disease. We will be taking further steps during 2021 to improve the immediate health care and quarantine space on site to prevent outbreaks as far as possible.

During 2020, Helen was unable to travel to Zambia. All her lessons were conducted, instead, online. She is in touch daily with Justin when they liaise over the Young Leaders programme and development of the site.

Our alumni at universities around the world were looked after very well by their universities and some were able to travel back to Zambia to see their families over Christmas. Only one student managed to return home for an internship. Some students were forced to study online from Zambia.

Those students graduating from our programmes during 2021 are hoping they will all be able to travel to their universities. A number are returning to Zambia during summer 2021 for internships and, of course, to see their families.