We have big ambitions to impact many more people including expansion of our Young Leaders programme, developing our land and community initiatives, and developing corporate relationships, especially in Zambia.

But the most pressing investment is to construct our learning forum to aid our expansion:


We need to raise funds for our Learning Forum, a building which comprises classrooms, an IT lab and library. This will enable us to:

  • Double the size of our Young Leaders programme.
  • Add additional Ambassadors of Social Change programmes.
  • Extend our IT and library facilities to members of the local community.
  • Build a new house parent’s home.

Because of the personal nature of the work we do with our students, we don’t plan for our Young Leaders programme to become very large. We would, however, like to double its size so that we can impact more young people and they, in turn can influence a great many more. In addition, we would like to impact a wider group of young people by launching our already trialled Ambassadors of Social Change programme. This programme is aimed mainly at students about to enter university in Zambia.

Sketch of proposed Learning Forum.

Satellite photo courtesy of Google Maps showing boundary of existing Our Moon site (red) and new land (yellow)


In early 2021, we acquired some adjoining land. We wish to develop recreational and agricultural projects on this land to:

  • Increase food security
  • Reduce our food costs
  • Ensure availability of a wider range of nutritional food items
  • Give our students and staff a place to play sports and work on their physical fitness

New Moon’s Children’s College
We started New Moon Children’s College in 2020 in response to the number of children within our community who were either not in school or were not learning in school. We would like to expand this facility so that more children in the local community can participate in after school clubs.

Our staff are passionate about Our Moon and the part they play. However, many of them lack formal credentials. We want to increase opportunities for our staff to gain recognised qualifications and to embrace our ethos of life-long learning.


Working with corporates to provide internships
Having trialled internships with a number of organisations including PwC, we are keen to talk to any companies that would like to provide our students with internship or permanent job opportunities:

  • Immediately after completing our onsite programme
  • During university holidays
  • After graduating from university

Working with more partners to identify students
To widen our reach, we will be looking to work with more partners to help us identify good students for our programmes, including partners who work with girls in rural areas.