Our Moon is committed to working in an open and transparent manner. This is not only to comply with governance and regulatory requirements, but also to set a strong example to our students so that they become tomorrow's ethical leaders.

Accounts & Finances

Our Moon’s accounts are prepared in accordance with Section 130 of the Charities Act and comply with the Charities (Accounts and Reports), 2008.

  • Charitable activities (85%)
  • Support costs (6.5%)
  • Fundraising (is 9.5%)

Income rose from £52,356 in 2018 to £127,550 in 2019 including a one-off donation of £55,200 for buildings.

At the end of the year, the charity has investments in fixed assets are £77,618 (2018: £4,960) unrestricted funds are £22,203 (2018: £8,914) and restricted funds are £7,214 (2018: £13,450).

Amount spent in the year was £120,087 (2018: £43,658). This was split between expense on the charitable programmes of £47,429 (2018: £38,698) and investment in fixed assets in the year of £72,658 (2018: £4,960).

Accounts for earlier years are available via our profile on the Charity Commission website here.


Our Moon's policies are agreed by our Board of Trustees in accordance with the Charity Commission and the Fundraising Regulator. Our policy statements are below: