Empowering youth

Edwin continues his blog series to celebrate International Youth Day Today is International Youth Day and a public holiday in Zambia. I am, therefore, dedicating this blog to youths everywhere, because we are the next stakeholders, CEOs, Managing Directors, Presidents and Members of Parliament, and Senators. But I am writing this blog for those holding […]

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Cooking with Mr Black

Helen meets up with Sanky (aka Mr Black) where he talks to her about cooking for Our Moon students and staff. I enjoy cooking good food. It makes me really happy to see people enjoy what I make for them. With this opportunity, Our Moon has allowed me to improve my cooking skills and helped […]

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Will we ever find Utopia?

Edwin Mbewe continues his regular blog with his thoughts on Utopia – and asks you to share yours with him. (Photo credit Mohit on Unsplash) Angry, frustrated, weary, tired, mad, anxious, sleeping in bed all day, driving on super speed past the traffic lights – the world isn’t always an easy place to navigate. At some point in […]

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