Helen meets up with Sanky (aka Mr Black) where he talks to her about cooking for Our Moon students and staff.

I enjoy cooking good food. It makes me really happy to see people enjoy what I make for them. With this opportunity, Our Moon has allowed me to improve my cooking skills and helped me enjoy doing what I love to do.

I am self-taught, and as a perfectionist, I tend to go to YouTube to master some of the techniques that I want to use and experiment with.

Most Zambians eat nshima, a maize based product, for lunch and supper. There is very little variety in the nutrition of our diet. Ntasuwila and I plan a balanced menu which is as nutritious as possible, within our budget and food availability.

I love cooking European food as well as food from other African countries, such as pilau rice. I am looking forward to trying my hand at jollof rice when I have watched enough videos to know how.

My favourite meal is creamy potatoes with boiled fish and some veggies. I would love to cook this for you, Helen, when you eventually come to Zambia. I also enjoy using the new oven where I can roast, bake and make the most of delicious marinades.

Our Moon has given me the chance to do something I love, while contributing to its very worthwhile programme. Not only does it benefit its students, staff benefit as well.

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