Protecting Our Planet’s Biodiversity: A Call to Action on World Environment Day

In this blog entry for world environment day, Mercy talks about the crucial role of biodiversity to our environment, and why it must be protected for the sustenance and evolution of all living beings and the environment. World Environment Day is celebrated on 5 June to raise awareness of the environment and prevent further damage caused by human activity, for […]

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To defend and protect human rights, first choose peace.

To celebrate and make aware of the Amnesty International Day, Wankumbu discusses the significance of human rights and the impact peace has in establishing these rights especially the more fundamental ones. It is better to light a candle than to curse the darkness.” These were the words said by Peter Benenson, the British lawyer who founded Amnesty International.  He was […]

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Celebrating African Freedom Day – Africa, The Land of Freedom and Diversity.

Hopekin, our first-year student, discusses Africa Freedom Day in this blog entry. African Freedom Day marks the anniversary of the most prestigious conference for African Freedom. It holds the memory of all our brave freedom fighters. The sacrifices made to define the freedom we embrace as Africans was tough. However, without fear, they fought for it so […]

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Happy Mother’s Day

In this blog post, our first-year student Mirriam expresses her heartfelt appreciation to all mothers and women. To all the amazing mothers who should be honored daily, I want to express appreciation and love for everything you do on this auspicious day! You are pillars of strength, and sources of encouragement, real beacons of guidance that […]

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