17/03/2021 - 03/04/2021

12:00 am - 11:30 pm

Our Moon is happy to announce that we are launching the application for our 2021-22 Young Leaders programme. We are inviting applications from recent Grade 12 leavers (either 2020 or 2019) who have strong academic grades, come from financially-disadvantaged households and want to make a difference in society. We want students with varied academic interests. Mostly, we want students who yearn to learn, have an open mind and are passionate about making a difference in the world.



Our Moon is a small education NGO registered as a charity in the UK by the Charity Commission and an international NGO in Zambia by the Ministry of Community Development. We unleash the potential in Zambia’s young people so that they leave us with the skills, knowledge and dispositions to contribute to positive social change in the country.


We run a full time programme which incorporates academic development, volunteering, physical and emotional health and university and careers guidance. Typically, this would incorporate a period of 9-10 months full time on our residential site in a rural area of Chibombo District. It is then followed by a period of project work and/or internships which you would do from your home.

The academic component of our course culminates in two pieces of work:

  • A 4000 word reflective essay on a global issue which is examined within a Zambian context
  • A maths project which tests understanding of statistical techniques and programming using data on a SDG related issue.

Students on the programme will be involved in volunteering on our site with a choice of projects which could include agricultural projects and tutoring of local out of school young children. We encourage suggestions for projects the students would like to initiate based on issues they see around us.


Our Moon is run by Justin Mushitu in Zambia and his team which includes tutors for the volunteering programme, English and maths. In addition, he has a chef who cooks healthy and varied meals for everyone, a social worker who ensures the safeguarding of everyone on-site, a healthcare assistant and various other people who ensure the safety of the site and help with cleaning and maintenance. It is an important part of our programme that all Our Moon staff and students are treated with respect and that each person has time to develop new skills.

Helen Leale-Green, the UK based CEO, is responsible for the careers and university guidance part of the programme which operates both online and on site.


Our Moon acquired some land from the Chief in 2019. It is in a beautiful area of Zambia and is blessed with wonderful large skies. All the students who have visited us on both long- and short-term programmes say that it is very conducive to study here.

We have built numerous structures and started developing the land. We have recently acquired some additional land which we hope to use for both recreational purposes and to grow our own produce. Building work is still ongoing when funding allows.

We have installed a few solar panels and have a bore hole with a solar pump. We are, therefore, self-sufficient in terms of water and electricity, but at the same time, a little restricted as supply can depend on the weather.

NEW FOR 2021

Because of a change in the exams required to apply to university, we are offering a more intensive maths programme than before and will include coding classes as part of our curriculum. We are also starting a little later than previous years to allow us to take students who have just completed their grade 12 in 2020.

Because of the pandemic, we are changing the selection process so that it will take place over a longer period and will include online statistics classes which will need to be completed well and with significant effort as part of the selection.


  • Saturday 3 April at midnight – deadline for emailing application forms to Helen Leale-Green and Justin Mushitu.
  • 6-7 April – we will run some maths tests at a location in Lusaka of all applicants who meet our criteria.
  • 13-14 April – longlisted applicants will be invited for interview at a location in Lusaka as above
  • 18 April – final six students selected
  • 24 April – final six students come to Chibombo

Students will need to have a calculator for the test and all students must have family or somewhere safe to stay in Lusaka during the period of the maths tests and the interviews. This can either be their main home, with extended family or with family friends. We will ask for a phone number and address so we can verify this.


We are preparing to bring our selected students on site full time from 24 April. All students meeting us face to face and coming on site will be expected to observe strict health protocols and take a COVID test before travelling (at our expense). Bringing students to our site is, however, dependent on the COVID situation by this time. If we do not feel it is safe to do so, we will provide the programme online until such time as we can safely bring students on site.

For our final six selected Young Leaders, if we have to move to online classes, we will provide internet access, a chromebook and a kindle so that they will be able to participate fully. All devices will need to be returned in good condition to us once the programme has ended.


All applicants are expected to have achieved a high academic standard. We would typically expect students to have gained between 6-10 points from six out of eight subjects in their Grade 12 ECZ exams. There is a little leeway for a student with a very strong application in other areas.

We expect all students to be from low-income families who would not be able to afford our programme or to go to university without full financial support. We run an ethical programme and any student found to be lying about their financial situation will be asked to leave the programme with immediate effect.

All students will be asked to withdraw from any local university applications they have made until they complete our programme. There is plenty of time to make applications for the following year’s admission, if they still want, following our programme but the workload on our programme does not allow for students to leave our site to process applications.

Students will need to provide a recommendation from a teacher who can vouch for their academic success, commitment and drive, and write about any extra-curricular activities that have been done (this can include acknowledgement of significant help the student provides within the home).

Students will also need to provide transcripts of each terms’ results from grades 10-12 before being allowed to take part in the main part of the programme. 


HELEN LEALE-GREEN: helen.leale-green@ourmoon.org.uk, and

JUSTIN MUSHITU: justin.mushitu@ourmoon.org.uk



16 thoughts on “Applications for our next Young Leaders open!

  1. I’m Mboozi Central Muvuma Head Teacher for Kaumba Secondary School in Monze Zambia. I got your address from Deana Owens of the Friends of Monze.
    We have brilliant but vulnerable pupils we wishing can participate in your programs

    1. Hello Mboozi. Thank you for reaching out to us. We would be very happy to receive applications from your students, although they would need to have somewhere safe to stay for the maths tests (6 or 7 April) and the interviews (13 or 14 April), if they get to those stages. We would need you to assure us that any students you put forward would be looked after either by yourselves or by family there. Usually, we invite students on site but, because of COVID, we have decided it will be safer to keep everything within Lusaka. I am sending the application form to your email address in case Deana hasn’t sent it to you. Please only give it to those with the highest grades. It would be great if someone could help any applicants by checking their applications and making sure their essays are good. We are looking for essays of around 250 words. We want to learn about the students and also assess their English writing and comprehension skills. Please also get the students to put in the box how they found out about us, the name of your school. Thanks again.

    2. Hello. I am Frederick B. Mwansa and I am an aspiring applicant for this program. Just to clarify. For the application I am required to fill in the form; attach a recommendation letter from a former teacher; write about the extra-curricular activities that I have participated in.
      Afterwards I send them to the two
      aforementioned emaill addresses.
      Can I send a PDF of the filled in form?
      Am I also required to send those particulars to the scholarship@justinamutale.com email?

      1. Hello Frederick
        Thank you for your interest in our programme. You need to answer the four questions that have been set which are part of the form as well as the first page which asks for some basic details. We will ask you to provide the information listed at the end of the form if you are successful in getting to the next round. You may send a pdf of the completed form to the two email addresses supplied.

        Please don’t send the particulars to the Justina Mutale organisation. I understand that her organisation has added their logo to our form to make it clear that your application came through one of their contacts.

        Good luck with your application

    3. My name is philimon mwape, and I have been trying to download the application form but I can not. Please I need help with downloading of the application form.

  2. So like what if you completed g12 in 2016 with good points but you are truly vulnerable and can’t afford going to the university due to financial status can you be allowed to apply

    1. Hello Noah
      I am sorry but for this programme, we have only accepted applications from students who completed Grade 12 in 2019 and 2020. Please keep a watch out as we would like to run a programme for youth in the future. Good luck and thank you for your interest in Our Moon.

    1. Hello Fredrick

      I am very sorry but we have now closed applications and the new students are in the process of being selected. Good luck with your studies.

  3. Hello.
    My name is Fortune Kapeteka, I am very interested in your program and might like to apply.
    Though am still in my 12th grade, i would like to ask; when will the 2023 applications be held.

    1. Hello Fortune. We have just opened applications for 2022. Generally, we open as soon as Grade 12 results are out. I wish you luck in Grade 12 and hope you will apply next year. Please take time over the year to get involved in clubs and societies at school and/or church and do something in your community. Also, read our blog so you keep up to date with what we are doing. It will set you up well for next year’s application.

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