27/03/2021 - 07/05/2021

12:00 pm

With lockdown easing and the sun shining, many of us want to improve our fitness over the next few months. What better way than to challenge yourself AND fundraise for Our Moon? We are organising a virtual walk/run/cycle from Tunbridge Wells in the UK to our site in Zambia from 20 March – 30 April 2021 to raise money for our Young Leaders Programme – 10,690 kilometres.

How it works:

  1. Sign up here.
  2. Decide how many kilometres you want to challenge yourself to over the six week period. You can walk, run or cycle outside or on a machine. If we can get 100 people to commit to 100 km we will be almost there! And 100km is only 2.2km per day, so maybe you can do more than this!
  3. Decide if you want to pay a donation to participate and how much you will pay OR commit to a fundraising target, asking other people to sponsor you.
  4. If you are going to set up a fundraising page, you will automatically be directed to create it.
  5. Start exercising and upload your kilometres at the end of each day. You can do this using the strava app which can be downloaded onto your phone or you can use another fitness app and upload the distance manually – but you need to have proof of how far you have travelled.
  6. If you exercise with someone, they can either sign up for the Journey to Zambia and support us or you can upload their kilometres (with their permission). Again, you will need to ask them for proof from their app of how far they have travelled.
  7. Please share your progress with the people who are sponsoring you on your social media and share our posts.
  8. There will be prizes for the person who covers the greatest distance within each category (walk, run, cycle) as well as for the person who raises the most funds. There will also be some incentives along the way.

Ideas for fundraising:

  1. Offer to match the funds people donate up to a limit.
  2. Ask people to donate so much per 10 kilometres to keep you focussed your personal fitness goals for the event.


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