Melvin discusses Father’s Day.

History of Father’s Day

Father’s Day is celebrated around the world every third Sunday of June when fathers are appreciated for their heroism. Honouring and celebrating our fathers dates back to 5 July 1908 – a Sunday sermon in memory of 362 men who had died in an explosion at the Fairmont Coal Company in Monongah. However, it was not made an official annual holiday but a one-time commemoration (History, 2024).

It was the effort of a Spokane, Washington, Woman Sonora Smart Dodd, who pushed the boundaries of the status quo. She was one of six children raised by a widower, driven by a passion to establish Father’s Day, a day honoring and celebrating fathers around the world, just as we celebrate Mother’s Day. She solicited backing from local churches, The Young Men’s Christian Association (YMCA), shopkeepers, and government officials. She was successful in her endeavors, and the first statewide Father’s Day was celebrated in Washington on 19 June 1910. This led to its spread until it was officially celebrated on the third Sunday of June in the United States of America. (History, 2024). This year, Father’s Day is being celebrated on 16 June.

However, fathers and father-figures do deserve to be appreciated and celebrated uncontested like the celebration of our mothers on their special Mother’s Day. This is because they play an important role like mothers do, so it is only right we joyfully and wholeheartedly celebrate them with equal standing-love. This blog serves as a reminder and offers a glimpse behind the scenes of fathers’ lives – there is more than what meets the eye of the unsung heroes – so that we can truly appreciate the struggles and efforts they put in for their families.

Who are Fathers?


There is a close perceived relation between the words “Father”and “The Provider”. No doubt fathers have traditionally beenthe powerhouse of providing for their families. However, there is more to their role. Providers carry the burden of obligation to perform their duty regardless of the difficulties and struggles because they are counted on the most by their families. This makes them go at any length to ensure that they do not disappoint their loved ones who count on them to deliver and provide, even if it means working for long hours, sacrificing their personal dreams and aspirations, and their sense of happiness so that their families can continue being happy and not having to worry about anything.

(aehnetwork, 2017)
The image above gives an idea of the intensity of being a providing father. No job is too hard, no hours are too long, no pain is unbearable when it comes to ensuring they provide for their families.


(father/son Reddit, 2018)

“Mentorship is the patronage, influence, guidance, or direction given by a mentor.” (Wikipedia). One of the most played roles of a father is mentoring his children to be respectable members of society and giving them a future the father could have only dreamt of.

This involves him passing on morals and life lessons that help the child to thrive alone in society. He actively takes on the responsibilities of disciplinarian, even if it means his children can be frightened of him for it. But certainly, when the child gets old enough, he or she will understand and appreciate the significance of his role in their lives.

The Protector

In a time of danger, our first go-to are fathers. They bravely take on the heroic role of being the sword and the crest of their families. It is their second nature to gladly lay down their safety and well being for their loved ones. Even if the dangerous situation is scary, and uncertain if it is something that can be handled, they will take their chances and risk everything without giving it a thought.

“A father’s love for his family is like a fortress, built strong and unyielding, protecting them from any harm.”  (Abcradio, 2024)

Evelyn’s Father

The Provider, The Mentor, and The Protector. These are the three major roles played by fathers which help them to be the heroes they are to their families. In my ending remarks, I will share a story told to me by one of my close friends, Evelyn. The story is about what her father means to her and the roles he played during his time alive in her early childhood.

Evelyn is one of five children in her family. Her parents separated and she lived with her father and other half-siblings. For a long time, her father did not have a job, until he started work as a bus driver. Her father’s job was so demanding that her half-siblings had to go back to their mother. However, she remained with her father because her father and mother were not on good terms. So, it was just her, her father, and a distant teenage cousin at home.

Evelyn was 5 to 6 years old by then, but still not in school. She had just her cousin at home during the day. Her father would work for a straight six and half days and would usually not have a day of rest. Aside from this job, he would take on other responsibilities at home that ensured Evelyn would not be lacking anything. He would help to cook and wash clothes for her. 

Despite not being able to afford to send his daughter to school, Evelyn’s father did not want her to be left behind academically. So, he taught her how to read, write and count. By the time she started school, she already knew what was taught in the first grade. To this day, Evelyn is one of the smartest people I know,  and its because of her father’s altruistic affection, boundless sacrifice, and timeless dedication.

Evelyn’s half-siblings and grandparents were dependent on her father. She sees her father as a masked superhero: when she was very young, she couldn’t comprehend what her father was going through. But now, she is able to appreciate him completely.

Through the stress of working hard in order to provide for the family, Evelyn’s father got really sick with chest problems. She would often ask if he was okay, and his immediate response would be that he was fine. With time, blood stopped flowing through his legs because of sitting most of the time as a driver. Eventually, the problems he was facing in his legs and chest developed and led to his death.

She sees him as someone who sacrificed much of himself: his own happiness and time for her and their family. In her words, “He was both the mother and the father.” She felt they never lacked anything at home with him around, she explained, “We were poor, I would agree. But I never felt I was poor because I had everything I needed. Sadly, though, it was at the expense of dad’s happiness.”

There are many fathers and father-figures out there like Evelyn’s dad, who dedicate and give everything they have to their families, down to their very last breath.

So I would like to give a shout out to all superhero dads, uncles and grandfathers on this Father’s Day!


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