Eddie talks about the youth’s capabilities to foster economic progress through creativity and innovation.

As a vibrant youth, I have always wondered about how instrumental I can be in having a real impact on the world around me. In a rapidly evolving world, we have proven capabilities to contribute not only to progress but also to impact and act as fundamental tools for our present economy. Through active participation and enhanced productivity, we have demonstrated how capable we are to take the driver’s seat towards economic growth through creativity and innovation. Join me, therefore, as we explore various ways through which we can play a crucial part in creating and positively contributing to a sustainable global economy.

Innovative Entrepreneurship

Time and again, we have showcased our ability to contribute towards the elevation of the world’s economic status through our participation in entrepreneurial activities and other related business endeavors. Due to our unique dynamic approaches, resilience, and adaptability, we are standing firm in taking risks, learning from challenges, and leveraging our innovative ideas that ultimately enable us to acquire the necessary invaluable experience and leadership skills (Pandit, 2024). These cultivating ideas consequently result in innovative solutions crucial in tackling obstacles that hinder economic growth from flourishing.

Commiting ourselves to entrepreneurial activities significantly contributes to the creation of jobs, thereby helping to offer tangible solutions to poverty alleviation and poverty reduction. Through the creation of job opportunities for others, we are contributing towards the growth of the country’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP), which is one of the most significant indicators of economic development. Engaging ourselves in the business world also empowers us with a great sense of financial autonomy and ultimately makes us financially independent. This, therefore, reduces the number of youths in the labor market who entirely depend on the government to offer them employment.

Technological Proficiency

Growing up in a technologically more advanced, digitalised age, my generation is capable of innovating and advancing new technologies vital for the efficient running of businesses. These new skills are necessary to enhance productivity and economic progress as it offers a broad clientele base.

Furthermore, these technologies play an essential role in the business industry by enabling companies to operate more efficiently, effectively, and competitively. Businesses can also utilize the necessary tools and solutions from the same technology to come up with smart decisions based on data analysis (Ehichoya, 2023). This smart decision-making will eventually lead to increased production and maximized profit.

Education and Skill Development

Access to quality education and vocational training greatly empowers us with the much-needed skills that are requisites for economic development to thrive in this generation and the future inclusively. For this reason, governments in many countries have invested so much in the education sector to ensure that fully equipped and bright individuals are preserved for the future. Equipping us with the knowledge necessary to navigate through life’s challenges and being able to emerge victorious economically and socially is among the reasons behind governments’ enormous spending on education to orchestrate us for the future.


As we continue to orchestrate our roles for future economic contributions, let us remember that we are equipped not only to succeed but also empowered to drive significant economic advancements. Through collaborative efforts in mentoring and supporting us today, a beacon of future leaders capable of leading an innovative and inclusive economy tomorrow is being nurtured. Together, we can pave the way for a future where we are at the forefront of economic development, leading us toward sustainable and prosperous economic growth.

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