In this blog for Heroes Day, John acknowledges the heroes who fought for Zambia’s independence and the tremendous impact their actions had in fighting the inequality.

There are times when the tremendous potential of humanity overshadows the limitations people have in a world where condescension and greed often serve as defining qualities. On this day, 1st July 2024, we honor and recognize individuals whose dedication, courage and self-denial have made a significant impact in overcoming disparities. It is a tribute to the great generation of heroes who encourage present and future generations to do more. This year, we acknowledge the heroes who fought for independence as well as our modern-day patriots who make efforts to lift our communities. Recognizing our heroes on this day makes them feel appreciated for the impact of their contribution to the country’s growth and betterment.

However, I am also confident I can be a hero! If we embrace the duties of heroes, we will have a more productive continent, and contribute to the well-being of our country.  

Why Heroes Day?

Commemorating Heroes Day motivates current and future generations to stay true to good citizenship qualities such as authenticity, patriotism and social consciousness. When we put these qualities into action, we contribute to making the world better than our predecessors did by continuing to work on the betterment of our community.

Today we particularly recognize the leaders, despite their absence, who spearheaded Zambia’s independence from the rule of imperialism: Kenneth Kaunda, Simon Kapwepwe and Sikota Wina. We honor them for their confidence, creativity and determination to free the people of Zambia and deliver them to redemption. I am confident their hard work inspired other African heroes to take similar steps to free themselves. Heroes Day is marked by educational programs and events that engage the public, thereby reinforcing national identity and instilling more reverence for Zambia’s legacy. 

Personal experience

As I reflect on Heroes Day, I have no choice but to think about my hero, my father. He has sacrificed the most for me, by striving for a better life to the point of giving up his own. I recall many evenings when he stayed up late working feverishly to provide for our family. He has been consistently prioritizing my needs over his life. One major episode remains in my mind. He almost died when he went fishing, the boat capsized. He was hospitalized for days, but that did not stop him from caring for me and the family at large. Today, as I reflect on that tough time, I recognize that my father’s courage and compassion are what made him my hero. He taught me that strength comes from a willingness to make commitments for those you worry about. His sacrifices encourage me to fight for the betterment of the community as heroes do. To every father like mine out there, you are genuine heroes!

My Tribute

As I analyze Zambia’s route to independence and continuous growth, my mind goes to the bravery of Kaunda, Kapwepwe and Wina who fought for the freedoms and privileges we enjoy today. We are all inspired by their unalterable commitment, compassionate loyalty, and mission for a better Zambia. Their contributions are the core foundations of our human development. Contemplating the important roles they played to fight for independence, fills me with a sense of appreciation and admiration. The struggles they went through remind me of the potential we possess to achieve greatness and free ourselves from the shackles of suffering. 

On a broader scale, I would like to extend my heartfelt gratitude to all the heroes around the world who strive hard to make the world a better place to live in. Your selfless sacrifices serve as a reminder of the everlasting foundations of justice, equality, and development that persist in our daily lives. 

To every hero out there, my wish is that your impact continues to motivate us as we keep on remembering the courage you display, respecting your convictions, and dedicating ourselves to driving the country in the right directions. The entire Our Moon Education and I wish you a happy Heroes’ Day.

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