Meet Iwell: manager New Moon Children’s College and coordinator student volunteering and physical health

Introducing Iwell Banda (fifth from right in the photo above) – husband to Lizzy, father to Havila, New Moon Children’s College tutor, physical development coach and coordinator of our students’ volunteering programme. Iwell has spent the best part of a year with Our Moon, firstly as a volunteer and now a paid member of the […]

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Empowering youth

Edwin continues his blog series to celebrate International Youth Day Today is International Youth Day and a public holiday in Zambia. I am, therefore, dedicating this blog to youths everywhere, because we are the next stakeholders, CEOs, Managing Directors, Presidents and Members of Parliament, and Senators. But I am writing this blog for those holding […]

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Cooking with Mr Black

Helen meets up with Sanky (aka Mr Black) where he talks to her about cooking for Our Moon students and staff. I enjoy cooking good food. It makes me really happy to see people enjoy what I make for them. With this opportunity, Our Moon has allowed me to improve my cooking skills and helped […]

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