This is the moment, I am sure you have all been waiting for: reveal of Our Moon’s students class or 2024-25. Read this blog to find out more about them and what makes them tick. 


Hello, I am Blessing. I was born and raised in Livingstone. I completed my secondary education last year at Niko Girls Technical Secondary School. My journey at Our Moon is not only stoking my engrossment in science and physiology, but is also teaching me the importance of physical health and the transformative power of positive thinking. My humble wish is to give back to Our Moon, my country, and my Livingstone community through the establishment of fine, good-form healthcare facilities and the mentoring of upcoming young leaders who share a similar passion to mine but are disadvantaged. Equipped with the information and abilities I am gaining from Our Moon and driven by the stance that anything is possible with hard work and good cheer, I am determined to use them to make realistic practical differences. I bring with me a strong spirit as I go out on this trip and achieve my set goals.


Hello, my name is Davies. I am from Lusaka Province, and I was raised in John Laing compound.

I plan to study Computer Science and Applied Mathematics at university, to pursue a career in tech. Our Moon is aimed at producing young leaders with a desire for positive change, and this aligns with my goal of contributing positively, by promoting technological advancement in Zambia and on the continent. Using the teamwork and leadership skills that Our Moon is imparting in me, I plan to engage people with similar intentions to ensure that Zambia begins to rise as fast as other Western countries in terms of technology.

Besides that, I am a chess fan, and whenever I play, I feel I am wandering through a deep dark forest where every move teaches me something new. 


Hi, my name is Mutinta. I am from Lusaka: the capital city of Zambia. I believe in being flexible and adaptable; these values guide me to embrace change in my character as a future change-maker. 

I am interested in studying banking and finance because I want to understand how money works and the financial concept behind money’s ability to improve lives. With that, I can help educate people on financial matters they do not understand, thereby helping promote financial literacy and playing a role in the fight against poverty. The skills and experiences I gain from Our Moon will help me achieve this as I work hard to better myself and the community.


Hello, my name is Nathan. I come from the Copperbelt province, Mufulira district. I am the second of five children. 

From the moment I started my journey with Our Moon, I have been growing in my critical thinking abilities and experiencing unique experiences like learning to participate confidently in academic discussions. I have seen myself charging up for more improvements in the future. I want to pursue Mechanical Engineering as my career because of my passion for improving the standards of people’s lives through technological advancements. My love for physics, Mathematics, Chemistry, and English is part of my motivation in this field of study.


Hello, I am Mirriam. I am the youngest of six children, with siblings that have guided me through life’s challenges, always inspiring me to pursue my dreams with confidence. Growing up in Chipata, I developed a deep appreciation for my community’s vibrant culture and connections, with my family instilling in me strong values of respect, compassion, and resilience.

I hope to study Biomedical Engineering because it will empower me to work at the cutting edge of technology and healthcare, with the goal of making a tangible impact on my community and beyond. I hope to collaborate with local health centres, and non-profits to create affordable medical devices and healthcare solutions for underserved communities. With Our Moon equipping me with the skills and knowledge to become a future leader, I look forward to using what I will learn to make a positive impact in my community.


Hello, I’m Desmond. I come from Copperbelt, Kitwe district with a passion for Biomedical Engineering. I feel so privileged to be a part of such a prestigious institution that is committed to nurturing critical thinkers and innovators.

With Our Moon’s help, I’m gaining the skills, resources, and mentorship I need to bring my aspirations to life and make a meaningful impact in the field of healthcare. The knowledge I will gain from Our Moon as well as in the field of Biomedicine, will allow me to make a meaningful impact in the health sector. As a result, I will be committed to promoting education in underserved areas, such as my community. Furthermore, the critical thinking skills that I am gaining will also help me contribute positively not only to the Copperbelt but also to myself and the whole Zambian community.


Hello, my name is Eveter from Maamba, Zambia. My life is marked by setbacks, yet I’m determined and have a positive mindset, always working towards development and growth. My passion lies in natural sciences and technology, which I believe will empower me to enhance people’s health and lifestyles. 

Our Moon is a great foundation for my journey, it’s equipping me with essential skills such as critical thinking, commitment, and discipline while fostering the importance of physical fitness and emotional stability. It has helped me believe that as a human I have infinite potential and that I can nurture my mind with knowledge of self-development. Therefore, I am confident that the skills I’ll acquire from Our Moon will shape a successful future for me. I will give back to my community by sharing these skills and uplifting others. I want to fulfill Our Moon’s motto of “Changing one life to change a thousand.”.


Hello, my name is John.  I’m aged 20 and completed my secondary school education in 2023. I come from the Chiengi district of Luapula province. 

My journey at Our Moon so far has been inspiring as the ongoing learning techniques have started opening my mind to my career pathway. I’m passionate about Computer Science and want to pursue a career in any computer-based courses. I believe Our Moon will aid my development by providing resources like funding for my training while I’m on their programme, networking opportunities, professional development initiatives and guiding my university applications. All of that will contribute to my personal and community growth, and I will be able to reach my full potential to make a meaningful contribution in society. 


Hello, I am Mercy. I was born in Kapiri Mposhi and was raised in Chiliabombwe where I live with my parents. Moving from place to place has enriched me with adaptability skills, which will allow me to thrive here at Our Moon Education. 

Our Moon is allowing me to discover myself and is enriching my desire to help my community in every way possible. From a young age, I noticed a lot of girls and women being abused in my neighbourhood. Some girls were being treated like they were not human and like they had no rights; gender-based violence was real in my community. This is where my passion for women was born. I now desire to study Law so that I can help such women get the justice that they need.

While at Our Moon I hope to learn how to critically think; analyze problems and produce solutions that will help me to thrive in this fast-paced world. I would like to give back to the community by joining sensitization groups to inform women about abuse and the danger of being silent to reduce the number of women being abused.


Hello, my name is Melvin. I am a technology enthusiast. I am passionate about technology and how it is being implemented to solve many world problems and improve human life. I believe it is the answer to many of Africa’s economic problems. I want to study Computer Engineering and Economics, so that I can be one of Africa’s change-makers by promoting technological advancement in various sectors of the economy in African countries.

I believe to achieve this, I must first undergo a self-development journey and that journey has started with Our Moon. Progress is being made!


Hello, I am Wankumbu, a 19-year-old first-year Our Moon student, class of 2024. I live in Mufulira, on the Copperbelt and was born in a family of seven.

I have a strong interest in Biology, Physics, and Psychology because the human body and the environment intrigue me. Integrating medicine and engineering sounds fun hence I want to study Biomedical engineering and participate in finding new ways to solve problems and find out what caused them. I am deeply passionate about mental health, and I hope to raise awareness in my community and contribute to the world’s effort in helping people manage it better. I am extremely ambitious and inquisitive. I am a hardworking and passion-driven girl; I love the idea of being intellectual and hope to be on the list of great women and men in the future.

At Our Moon, the reflections and essays we write have been helping me improve my critical thinking skills and I find myself more confident in studying the programme I want.


Hello, I’m Eddie. I originate from Chingola, Zambia, and my education began at Lulamba Primary School, then Chingola Secondary School where I excelled academically and found my passion for the health professions.

My goal is to innovate healthcare in Zambia. Our Moon’s support aids students like me apply for scholarships abroad; this aligns perfectly with my aspirations. With their help, I aim to make a positive impact in my community. I am passionate about empowering young girls in Chingola to achieve financial independence. I’m grateful to Our Moon for this opportunity and believe in the power of education to change lives.


Hello, I’m Martine. I’m from Mazabuka, Zambia, a town famed for its sugar industry. Growing up there taught me the importance of family and the capacity for self-reflection. Despite childhood ambitions to become a pilot and subsequently a doctor, my desire to help others drove me to want to study Computer Science, fascinated by the possibility to use technology for education and empowerment. 

Our Moon, with its mentorship and real-world possibilities, fully coincides with my objectives. Through my dedication to giving back to the community, I hope to equitably participate in its development and that of my country. I see Our Moon as a path to personal and professional growth, allowing me to be the change-maker I want to be. 


Hello, my name is Christine. I was born and raised in Livingstone and completed secondary school last year at St Mary’s Secondary School Livingstone. I am passionate about the environmental and sustainable development.

With Our Moon Education’s help on my journey of self-discovery, through their teaching methods, I am learning to think critically and analytically. With these skills and education, I hope to contribute to the community through problem-solving and sustainable development.


Hello, I’m Hopekins. I was born in Kasama province of Zambia and raised in Lusaka. I am the fifth child in a family of seven children. My educational background is driven by the hunger of seeing all my elder sisters and brothers failing to finish their education due to financial reasons.

I’m interested in Pharmacy. Living with my mother, balancing money for food and medical bills was hard.  When one of my siblings got sick, my mother would use local herbs to treat them. It’s become common to me seeing my siblings getting healed using these local herbs. So, this prompted me to understand how the body works with the herbs to fight disease. I discovered Pharmacy will be the best field of study for me to understand how all these drugs help our bodies fight the disease and how to make more drugs.

Our Moon Education will enable me to explore more about myself and the world around me. It will also instill in me the skill of thinking critically and analyzing information properly with great understanding. 


Hello, I’m Chipalo and I come from the Copperbelt, Kitwe.

My chosen field of study is International Relations. I have chosen this field of study because I am passionate about elevating the standard of living in Zambia by helping fight corruption and encouraging a constantly growing economy. I believe my choice of study will allow me to look at the issues and problems my country is facing from a global perspective and devise solutions to help reduce the levels of corruption and poverty in my country. 

Our Moon is teaching me to be a critical thinker and a problem solver through various tasks, and classes. The skills and knowledge I am acquiring here are truly valuable as they are imparting in me the knowledge and skills a change-maker needs to thrive in the global space. So far, the programme is positively contributing to my personal growth by aiding my ability to unravel the potentialities that lie within me as well as aiding my professional growth by equipping me with presentation, speaking, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills. 

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