Unveiling Transformation: Joseph’s journey of discovery 

Joseph gives us an update on his recent activities through Our Moon. Question: Since becoming a second year Our Moon student, what’s a summary of your activities, including the internship you’ve taken on? I have been actively engaged in various activities to further my personal and professional growth. I have been informing school-goers about Our Moon and sharing my experiences with […]

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Follow Namwayi’s Academic, Professional, and Personal Expedition! 

Namwayi gives us an update on her recent activities through Our Moon.  Question: Since leaving our site last December, what’s a summary of your activities, including the internship you’ve taken on?  Since December, I’ve been actively engaged in educational and professional pursuits aimed at personal growth. I have been enrolled in a Genetics and Society on Coursera. This course has given me […]

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Paul’s Next Chapter in Academia

Congratulations to Paul! We asked him a few questions concerning his recent “admit” decision to study at Cornell University. He shared his reflections: Question: You have been admitted to Cornell University. What do you plan to study there and what was it about the programme/school that attracted you to study there?  My time at Our Moon […]

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Esther, talks about Self-expression.

In this blog, Esther reflects on self-expression and the impact it’s had on her identity after being exposed to the concept while at Our Moon. My personal development has been greatly impacted by the deep understanding of the field of self-expression that I have gained throughout my life-changing experience at Our Moon. My experience has […]

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