Solving global challenges: the nexus between science and human behaviour

Edwin Mbewe writes the first of his blog series I’ve always been interested in science, and its undeniable impact it has had since the beginning of time. From the discovery of Penicillin to that of the Higgs Boson, science has always taught us through experimentation, solved our problems via producing substances, and suggested the future […]

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Spotlight on Lute – combining love of arts, desire to improve the lives of Zambian women and the sciences

Lute comes from an educated family in Zambia where her family were relatively comfortably off. Suddenly, five years ago, the government decided that every Zambian over 55 would have to retire as the country was facing economic devastation. For the same reason, the government couldn’t afford to pay out pensions to its pensioners. This plunged […]

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