In our latest student blog, we have the pleasure of introducing Namwayi, one of our first year students. Namwayi comes from Kabwe from Central Province of Zambia. She has always loved school and studying, but she is also a keen changemaker with a social conscience.

Driven by the will to create change in my community and country, I am inspired by other people’s stories of success through determination and hard work despite coming from humble backgrounds. These qualities are powerful tools that we can harness to achieve our goals.

Various cases involving the violation of children’s freedom of expression especially in schools, triggered my interest in the promotion of children’s rights. I would love to advocate on their behalf and educate them on the importance of knowing their rights and how to go about ensuring they are heard.

Affected by the increase in the number of people suffering from diabetes and high blood pressure, I am interested in researching the effects of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) on those diseases. I also want to research the positive and negative effects of GMOs generally on human health and the environment.

Away from academics, I really enjoy listening to music. It heals the soul, and whenever I am feeling low, I always listen to music to cheer up my mood.

I am confident that Our Moon will provide an opportunity for me to research more on the topics I am curious about, thus helping me turn my curiosity into good academic research papers. Our Moon will also help me become a passionate changemaker who values the importance of teamwork and the environment.

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