I am a positive-minded person and that makes it easier for me to see the good in bad situations. Growing up without a father, I have been inspired by my mother’s strong work ethic.

Before coming to Our Moon, I felt I was a one-dimensional person, considering my academic studies above all other things. My reading and writing skills were less developed which made me quite a slow learner, which also accounted for me working more on academics and not trying out extra-curricular activities.

I am trying to overcome being narrow-minded and embrace the participation and opportunity to try and learn new things. I am passionate about developing more skills such as baking, gardening, and athleticism.

I realized that teaching was the best method of learning. Whenever I taught my peers business subjects, it challenged me to stay ahead. This has led me to want to know how government resources are spent in our country.

I am currently researching a comparison of how the policies of our previous government with those of our current government are helping the poor in Zambia.

Our Moon is an opportunity for self-improvement, especially because of the liberty I have been given to learn from making mistakes. I hope to study economics or business management at university.

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