In our latest post, John introduces himself:

I became an orphan at an early age and my family neglected me. The lack of support from my family exacerbated the situation. Therefore, I lost the comfort of being a child. I now realise that I was a child with heavy burdens.

I intend to use my academic excellence to establish my life.

The hardships and discomforts of my life give me a burning desire to work hard unceasingly.

My teachers’ advice helps me to make better choices in life.

Even with limited education opportunities, it was easy to identify some of the common problems faced in Zambian society, and these include rapid urbanization, increase in the cost of living, inflation and food shortages. I worry immensely about the impact of population explosion not only in Zambia but across the African continent, and how this impacts our ability to generate enough power and have appropriate infrastructure.

Therefore, this inspires me to pursue a positive change in my country by studying electrical engineering at university. 

John the electrical engineer

I also love the same things many young guys my age do, including playing football. Our Moon is the place where I can actualise my dreams and fulfil my ambitions.

John playing football

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