​I arrived at UBC last week after 39 hours of traveling.  It was my first time on a plane and at first I was excited combined with being a little bit nervous.  By the end though, I was just tired and wanted to settle in at UBC.
UBC is really awesome.  The views are lovely.  There is a beautiful garden and it even has its own museum of anthropology – it is so cool.  I never believed there could be anything like it.   

I am going to be studying Sociology with Economics as a minor.  I have enrolled in some interesting modules for this term including Feminist Studies and Gender, Justice and Sex Studies.  I think most of the people on my course come from America and Canada.  They will be surprised by some of the differences between the ways women are treated in my country compared to theirs. 

While I am finding everything really exciting, it is also difficult to adjust.  I miss my sister and my friends. And I find the food really tasteless – I don’t know how I will get used to the food.  There seems to be a lot of Chinese food and I find it is very sweet for my tastes.  There is also loads of food and I am not used to that either.

MasterCard Foundation provides our scholarship.  This includes giving us an allowance for a laptop and phone. You can’t imagine what it was like for me to be given so much money to spend on myself.  Our shopping trip was so cool.  But I was careful with my money and I have made sure I have saved some money in case I need it for later.  I might be able to send a little home to my sister who has supported me for years and who is expecting a baby any day now.

For now, I just can’t stop looking out of the window.  Is it really me that is here?  Our Moon has been really helpful to me, talking to me about the differences that I will find here. I am very grateful that I have Our Moon in my life.

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