​​Help us fund our learning centre for high achieving but financially disadvantaged young people in Zambia!

I have arrived in Zambia to probably my most exciting visit yet. We are in the process of establishing our learning centre in an especially beautiful, rural part of Zambia, Chipanshya Village in Central Province and I have just seen the work that is being done.

Justin has been hard at work, masterminding an army of local builders and labourers to help clear our land and make our vision a reality. While there is still a long way to go, the student accommodation – in huts with pretty roofs, constructed by thatchers from the Lozi tribe who are famous throughout Zambia for their thatching skills – look stunning.
We have some students visiting us. They are just about to graduate from our programme and are taking their final course with us: pre-departure for university and beyond. They have been very impressed. Chris said he felt quite envious of future students who would have the opportunity to stay here and benefit much more from Our Moon’s programmes by having them all on site.

​​After completing what we are currently doing, we will start work in earnest on our learning forum. This is where the classrooms, study rooms, library and IT room will be located. We plan to have all the rooms in a courtyard, with an amphitheatre in the centre, in the open air, for debates, discussions, and where we will host guest speakers. We have been fortunate to have a major donor who has funded a part of the building, but we need more generous donations to make sure it can be completed. We also need funding to put in solar power – a much more reliable and easily renewable energy source in Zambia – as we don’t have electricity or running water on site.
Please visit our website at www.ourmoon.org.uk to find out more about us and donate to our project, or contact me, Helen Leale-Green, on +44 7720 287904.

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