Earlier on this month Our Moon caught up with Tony, one of our fully funded scholars who is soon to begin his first year studying business administration at Ashesi University. Discussing his present placement and future ambitions, Tony describes both the anticipation and anxiety associated with moving to university, and how he hopes to use his degree to make a difference.

‘I’m very excited to be accepted into Ashesi University to pursue a degree in business administration. It being my first time travelling out of my country, I will have a chance to meet different people with different beliefs and I will learn a lot of things in different aspects that will help me advance my personal growth. My family and friends are proud of me as I am the first in my family to have an opportunity to study outside Zambia. I have inspired my siblings to work hard in their academics. As a person who aspires to be a good leader in public service I applied to Ashesi University so that I can have an entrepreneurial mindset and also have the ability to solve problems in my country. I want to have a new way of looking at things and be able to make good decisions. I’m looking forward to making new friends that are positive and supportive. I cannot wait to learn different things in an environment with exceptional living standards. I would like to say thank you to Our Moon for their support during the application process.’

Good luck Tony!

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