I would like to introduce you to Edwin who will be writing a weekly blog for us. Edwin is one of Our Moon’s students. He has recently completed the part of our programme on site and returned home while completing his university applications and awaiting his results. Always active and always keen to express his views, I am sure you will love to follow what he has to say. But for now, here he is to introduce himself:

Before commencing my blog series, I want to make it clear that by no means do I hold a certificate/degree or equivalent in the knowledge of humankind or any of the topics I will be writing about. Rather, they are my own opinions and thoughts, from what I have learnt, as I grow and learn to voice out in the world full of voices. Feel free to comment, add new insights or suggestions, but please keep it polite!

Just a bit about myself. I’m Edwin Mbewe, Zambian by nationality, and I have completed high school. I am yet to graduate from Our Moon Education, where I undertook a one-year residential program with ongoing mentorship in Central Province. I’ve completed my college applications and am anticipating, with a mixture of excitement and nervousness, the results. I’m a science-oriented person; I was very proactive in JETS – a nationally recognised STEM club in Zambia – while at Hillcrest (the high school I attended). 

During my time with Our Moon, in addition to completing its programme, I won the opportunity to participate in two prestigious online summer programs: Pioneer Academics, andYale Young African Scholars (YYAS) program. In Pioneer Academics, for the first time, I studied Environmental Engineering and drafted a 20-page thesis. In YYAS, we discussed issues surrounding the African continent such as food security, water challenges and how we, African youth, can substantially contribute to solving these problems. Guidance to US application criteria was another benefit I got from YYAS, which I would still receive from Our Moon.

Along the way, I have gathered a basic understanding of the “system”. I will be blogging about a diverse range of topics from the sciences to the humanities, Africa and beyond, though I will try to link the two as well. On some cool days I may only write about the moral legacy of the triumvirate of Julius Caesar, on Japanese Samurai health lifestyle, and on others about African students from abroad. Musically, Tracy Chapman and RnB artists are still my favourites, though Fally Ipupa has lately been keeping my ears busy.

So, keep an eye on this page. Stay blessed and protected from the pandemic. See you next week. Peace be with you.

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