As part of our thread introducing our scholars and ambassadors, here they all are in one place with a few words about them and our work.

Benadette Nanyangwe: Ambassador for Social Change
Benadette would like to be a nurse, but it isn’t easy in Zambia to be able to afford the training. A very determined young woman, she found a job and is saving to put herself through college.

​Christopher Zulu: First Year Scholar, studying for SATs
Christopher is currently working as a tutor. He loves playing football. He is passionate about teaching and would eventually like to establish a university to improve education opportunities in Zambia.

Christopher Kaumba: Ambassador for Social Change, studying for SATs
Chris’ joy is in learning. He says that Our Moon has given him the confidence to develop solutions to the problems he sees around him. He can see that his views matter and are worth vocalizing

Grace Lutombi: Ambassador for Social Change
Grace is currently studying at the University of Zambia. She hopes to become a lawyer. She says she has benefited from Our Moon’s support and mentorship. “Thanks for Our Moon, I have become a more responsible citizen looking for solutions to everyday problems”.

Chitundu Limbikani: First Year Scholar, studying for his A-levels
Chitundu wants to become an engineer and is fascinated about the power of ideas to instigate change. To relax, Chitundu loves a good game of chess.

Janet Botha: Second Year Scholar, studying SATS
Janet has a place to study at University of Edinburgh starting in September. Janet will be studying Civil Engineering at university and is passionate about making sure that everyone in Zambia has access to clean water.

Chabota Chiyanika: Ambassador for Social Change
Chabota has written a number of blogs supporting African identity. From his experience at Our Moon, he has learnt to become proud of being African.

Precious Kalungu: Second year Scholar, studying for A-levels
Precious is passionate about teaching the next generation of Zambians and would like to study education at university. In her spare time, she has written and recorded some gospel songs.

Sunday Chibuye: Ambassador for Social Change
Sunday dreams of becoming a doctor and has been admitted at Copperbelt University.

Justine Bwalya: First Year Scholar, studying for A-levels
Justine’s amibition is to become an engineer. Our Moon is helping him on his first step to achieving that goal.

Samson Kaima: Ambassador for Social Change
Samson strives for social justice. He is a positive and energetic young man and , despite the sadness he has witnessed, is determined to break the shackles of poverty that have gripped his life since his father died. He has helped support his family’s needs by playing football.

Quincy Namonje: Second Year Scholar, studying for A-levels
Quincy holds a conditional offer to study Economics with Psychology at University of Edinburgh. A natural leader, Quincy is always willing to advocate on behalf of others. “Our Moon is an organization that doesn’t just let you explore yourself academically, it also allows you to embrace different aspects of your life”.

 Frank Kasongole: Ambassador for Social Change
Frank is currently studying Natural Sciences and Education at the University of Zambia. His experience at Our Moon has helped him develop his reading and writing skills and made him realise that hard work conquers all.

Watson Mushimbei: First Year Scholar, studying for his A-levels
Watson wants to become a chemical engineer. Watson came first in the whole of Zambia in the recent Chemistry Olympiads. He is a very determined student and loves the feeling of being outstanding at a subject. In his spare time, Watson enjoys playing football.

Thando Lungu: First Year Scholar, studying for A-levels
Thando has been working on a community-based project studying the coping mechanisms of street children in her area. It made her reconsider her career options as she realized that she wants to make sure that young people have access to the health care they need.

Thomas Lifuti: First Year Scholar, studying for A-levels
Thomas wants to establish a technology University in Zambia to compete with universities like MIT. Thomas is our resident techy and has implemented the chrome books that were donated to us.

Zoe Mebude Steves: First Year Scholar, studying for SATs
Zoe would like to become a lawyer. In his spare time, Zoe likes to write and has just released his first novel online. “Our Moon makes us feel welcome and loved, creating a wonderful environment for us to focus on our studies”.

Prince Ngoma: Second Year Scholar, studying for A-levels
Prince’s goal is to become an electronic engineer. “Education calls all men to the passing on of knowledge and wisdom. Education develops all minds into firm foundations for a wiser Africa”.

Malama Mushitu: studying for A-levels
Malama started in a government school supported by Our Moon when we first started out. He is now being tutored at Our Moon’s centre in Chibombo. Malama believes that education is the master key to unlocking the inequalities that exist in his society.

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