“Born on 23rd June 2000, I was named after my late father, Mr. Nyangulu Thomas. However, I use my matrilineal surname, Lifuti. I was born in Livingstone, Zambia’s Tourist Capital, in a family of two children. I am the first born and have a younger sister.

Currently, I live in Livingstone, where I have spent most of my life so far.

After writing my Grade 9 Junior Certificate Examinations, I qualified to go to Hillcrest National Technical Secondary –the school of my dreams. I took up some responsibilities in school from being class monitor to being the Mathematics Club President, as I enjoyed Mathematics in school. Currently, I am doing A-Levels at the same institution and am responsible for Our Moon scholars’ technology needs and issues.

I wish to become a Biomedical Neural Engineer in the future, as the brain is the part of the body that most fascinates me and is knowledge that is lacking in Zambia. I also plan to set up an institution of Applied Mathematics, Technology and Advanced Sciences. This is because I wish to see Zambia be self-sufficient in terms of technology and apply the science learnt in schools.

Our Moon has made me realise that I can achieve these goals. Because Our Moon aims at ‘educating extraordinary African youth; creating tomorrow’s leaders’, I believe that I am one of those extraordinary youths and will make it as a leader. I believe that I will make a difference in my family, nation and continent of Africa.”

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