Nzowa attended Tomorrow’s Leaders Forums in Lusaka and told us what her highlights had been. Nzowa is in Grade 11 and looking to identify opportunities open to her when she finishes school.

The highlight of my day was when Ted Talks was introduced. I watched the video clip of Chimamanda Adichie and it just touched me. At that moment, I realised my underestimation of many things I had taken for granted. I learned to see the many stories of one person, and how I should not be bound by one traditional story. 

And I can say that truly from this fact, I really learned to appreciate Our Moon because what you do is outstanding. The fact that you help others know how to apply for college or university is amazing. And for this I say thank you. 

Not only do you help people know how to apply, but also about scholarships. This helps me know that I shouldn’t put myself down. I felt weighed down, with no opportunities, but Our Moon, you changed that.

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