In this blog, Esther reflects on self-expression and the impact it’s had on her identity after being exposed to the concept while at Our Moon.

My personal development has been greatly impacted by the deep understanding of the field of self-expression that I have gained throughout my life-changing experience at Our Moon. My experience has taught me that self-awareness, confidence, abilities to write clearly and concisely, the skill of engaging with a variety of audiences, and the ability to talk effectively in front of an audience are all essential components of effective self-expression. I didn’t have many of these important characteristics before coming to Our Moon, but the program has really helped me develop.

To help me reach my goals in improving my ability to express myself, I’ve used a variety of ways. An important aspect of my experience involved enhancing my self-assurance through Malama’s literacy classes. My reading and analytical skills as well as my capacity to efficiently process information have been improved in this class. I developed the confidence to participate in class presentations during his classes. This increased self-assurance also brought attention to the significance of voice projection, an ability I see as critical for upcoming occasions like giving speeches or giving presentations in formal settings.

I found that spending time alone, thinking back on my life and goals, was another way for me to express and learn about myself. I was able to identify the things that genuinely make me happy during these reflective moments. It became clear to me that engaging in social interactions with other people brings me enjoyment, and dancing is one of the most expressive ways that I find joy. In addition, the act of writing reflections, in Justin’s classes, which were frequently inspired by what we experienced at Our Moon, improved my ability to express my ideas clearly and establish a connection with my inner self. These reflective activities emphasized the value of genuine self-expression that is based on integrity and honesty. This was very clear to me throughout our 21-day challenge when I realized how important it is to know who I am and where I stand.

Collaboration with my fellow students has also played an important role in my journey of self-expression, particularly in Mr. Iwell’s physical exercise and gardening classes. Working with others who share similar goals allowed me to discover more about myself. These experiences made me feel at home – when I was far away from home – and I became better, able to express my personality. In addition, I did not only learn about my own interest and identity but also helped others on their journeys to self-discovery.

I have had a significant shift in my view on self-expression since starting this life-changing adventure. I now regard it as a complex skill that includes the art of clear writing, the capacity to capture an audience while speaking, self-confidence and knowing my identity and how I portray it to others. This path has also demonstrated to me the ever-evolving nature of self-expression and its profound impact on personal growth.

To students considering applying to Our Moon program, I trust that my personal journey and insights into self-expression will be beneficial. Self-expression is a fundamental skill that can equip you to communicate confidently and effectively. Always make the most of the invaluable opportunity that comes with being an Our Moon student, and never hesitate to seek guidance when you have doubts. Furthermore, welcome the growth opportunities that Our Moon offers, as they can truly transform your path toward becoming a more confident and expressive individual.

To everyone who supports Our Moon, I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart. I would like to urge you to continue to support students like me, and help them on their journeys to personal growth and to have the confidence to become leaders in their fields and changemakers in our country. 

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