Congratulations to Tionge for being admitted to Smith College! We asked her to sum up her delight after receiving the news and what problem she hopes to contribute to solving in Zambia with her education. She said:

Receiving an offer of admission from Smith College fills me with immense joy, as the institution’s strong dedication to women’s empowerment and education resonates deeply with me. Witnessing women attain financial independence has always been a source of pride, especially in light of the limited opportunities for autonomy that many women face in my community. From childhood, I’ve admired financially independent women, symbolized by their ownership of  ATM cards, which has always fueled my academic aspirations. The opportunity to immerse myself in Smith’s educational environment, particularly in Biological Sciences, where I can delve into human health, excites me greatly. With this knowledge, my goal is to improve overall health on a large scale and extend lifespans, benefiting not only women but everyone.

In Zambia, I aspire to address gender inequality and challenge societal norms that hinder individuals’ potential. Through grassroot outreach programs and collaborations with like-minded organizations, I aim to create a supportive environment and provide resources for personal and professional development. My ultimate goal is to empower individuals of all genders to defy societal conventions and pursue their aspirations with confidence and determination.

Even before going to university, I have started to fulfil my ambitions. I am interning at Copper Rose Zambia, an organization that focuses on Adolescent Sexual Reproductive Health. This opportunity will provide me with invaluable insights into how institutions operate in Zambia, and how the organization empowers young people through improved health. This experience will serve as a foundation for achieving my goal of enhancing women’s healthcare. Interning at Copper Rose has also allowed me to achieve my childhood goal of attaining a bank account and that prized ATM card! 

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