In this latest blog, Joseph (known to us as Kalem) talks to us about his reflections on his time at Our Moon and his responsibility as a leader within his family and society.

Because I have come this far in my education, my family looks up to me. This, in a way, makes me feel that I am a leader. This feeling pushes me to work hard and be a role model, especially to my younger siblings.

I would like to develop spiritual qualities such as being present-minded and enhance my creative expressions. My aim is to grow perpetually to improve my critical decision-making ability because I believe the consequences of our actions can go a long way.

During my free time, I prefer exercising and playing sports to doing nothing. My favourite hobbies are playing basketball and gymnastics. Playing sports makes me happy because, I get to be competitive and, in the process, I improve my skills.

This desire to improve my sporting techniques flows over into my everyday life as well as the lives of others. I take pleasure in finding solutions to problems. I am enjoying learning about the computer and how to code through my lessons with Nelson. Writing my research essay about the extent to which start up capital is available to Zambian entrepreneurs (with a comparison to the situations in Rwanda and the UK) is giving me a greater insight into business management and entrepreneurship which will enable me to contribute to the growth of my country`s economy soon.

Through Our Moon Education, I am developing into an individual, capable of thinking creatively, with an open mindset. I am learning to be balanced spiritually, intellectually, mentally and physically.

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