In this blog, Esther introduces herself and tells us about what makes her tick. We are looking forward to working with her and helping her realise her dreams.

I find caring for other people satisfying because it makes me happy. It is a natural feeling I have; I fail to find peace whenever a person around me is sad. Instead of people’s negative energy to put me down, it is easy to make them happy. To make people happy you must interact or communicate with them, but sometimes I find it hard to express myself which makes it harder for me to understand others and to be understood. 

I’m considering studying pharmacy because I’m interested in health issues such as food, outbreak of diseases and drugs. Just like microbiologists, they focus on preventing infectious diseases and protecting public health. Observing the way people in my community suffer from the same diseases for many years, e.g., malaria, inspired me to be interested in pharmacy and have the desire to create change in our country.

I am also interested in agriculture and am curious to learn how it is benefiting and impacting our economy, because it makes us self-reliant, feed the nation and gain foreign exchange. But, we should also consider its negative impact when done badly, such as deforestation and the incorrect use of agricultural practices that can lead to poor nutrition.

To relieve my stress and bring a positive and fresh mind, I like to spend my free time listening to music, meditating, and reflecting on my life.

I am hoping Our Moon’s Young Leaders programme will help me to improve my self-expression and research skills through the different activities it offers to its students. I am also looking forward to learning more information about agricultural practices through the gardening lessons offered at Our Moon.

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