Paul is one of our first year students. Here he is telling his story, his passions and his worries for the future.

My parents did not always manage to provide for me and my siblings. Going to school with hunger, people looked down on me and many never believed in me. Nevertheless, I was not stopped by all these occurrences; instead, I grew stronger. I came to realise that my success depended entirely on me and that I had to do something about it.

I love the experience of new opportunities and activities. In high school I did different extracurricular activities such as the Junior Engineers Technicians and Scientists club, Math club and chess. This made me competitive and open-minded. My open-minded desire to participate, compete and win challenged by the ability to be passionate and creative opened the way for me to use universal tools and universal strategies.

Mining and industrialisation motivated by human endeavours to advance technology have brought devastating results.

My love for scientific advancement and my concern for the environment come into conflict with each other which poses a problem that I need to solve.

Therefore, I am most interested in creating and researching technology that aids our environmental fight by exploiting the effects of current technology on the environment. One thing is certain that my interest to explore this subject will raise more questions, like the accessibility and distribution of such technology and even more. Nevertheless, I am passionate to know more.

My experience at Our Moon has brought so much peace and focus to my mind. I have been provided with the opportunity to explore my curiosity and given the liberty to fail and make mistakes. This will lead to my reflection process to help me find mental certainty and liberate my expression beyond my expectations.

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