Congratulations to Paul! We asked him a few questions concerning his recent “admit” decision to study at Cornell University. He shared his reflections:

QuestionYou have been admitted to Cornell University. What do you plan to study there and what was it about the programme/school that attracted you to study there? 

My time at Our Moon gave me an opportunity to introspect/reflect on what I am interested in. I am a person who loves positive change; seeing what humanity has done to the environment and the urgency needed for positive change, I discovered that I would love to explore the environment. I plan on studying Environment and Sustainability at Cornell and possibly add environmental engineering to my studies. 

Cornell’s location in upstate New York, with a beautiful compass in the rural area of Ithaca made it an ideal spot for my environmental interest. And most of all, the school has an immense body of resources, and research opportunities. 

QuestionWhat do you hope to get involved with outside of your academic interest – is there something you want to try for the first time? 

I definitely want to learn how to swim, and kayak. I also would try hiking and camping. 

QuestionWhat is it about studying in Ithaca that is exciting or scary for you? 

One thing for sure is scary – winter season. Ithaca can get to subzero temperatures, which I have never experienced before; thus, the winter is somehow scary and exciting at the same time.

QuestionHow do you hope to put your studies to good use in Zambia? 

My hope is to contribute to the elimination of Lead (Pb) poisoning in the town of Kabwe. My research about this topic exposed me to the true impact of Pb poisoning in Zambia; it is a worrying matter, especially that Children are the main victims. The poisoning lowers the IQ of the children, jeopardising their future and the future of the country. Eliminating this threat and threats of such kind is what I look forward to

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